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Solar PV-Powered-Circulating Pumps Model ACS-TS5

      Static-impeller driven, which means the pump contains
      an electronic driver or motor that has no moving parts but simply spins
      on a magnetic field. The magnetic field couples the impeller and visibly
      drives it without any moving parts shafts or seals. As a result, of this 
      it  has a extremely long working maintenance free life with a very low
      Power consumption. These pumps are manufactured from Hi Temp 
      Ryton PPS and Ceramic so the parts exposed to the fluid are corrosion  

      ACS-TS5 pumps have no seals which could leak and no bearings   
      to fail or get hot, together with the fact it's high toque motor is a high
      tech brushless design. No brushes to spark, wear or need replacing. 

      The Perfect Pump for all Solar Hot water Heating Systems

      The TS5 Pump is the perfect pump for all solar water heating systems.     
      No mains power or batteries are required only low-voltage solar 
      generated electricity, eternally available and pollution free. It requires
      no electronic controllers and temperature sensors to  be installed only  
      if required. (It's that simple)
      The Solar PV Panel powers the TS5 Pump that circulates the water from 
      the solar collector to the cylinder/thermal store. when the sun rises in   
      the morning the heat is collected by the solar heat collector and at the
      same time electricity is produced by the PV panel, the TS5 Pump slowly
      starts with the smallest amount of voltage from the PV panel. and then
      pumps heated water or glycol mix fluid  from the solar collector                
      to the hot water cylinder/ thermal store. As daylight fades the TS5
      Pump slows down and  stops, at the same time the solar collector
      stops producing heat. This is a natural automatic trouble free control.
      Even in low daylight, over cast or cloudy conditions the drive motor   
      produces enough power to start and run the pump with photovoltaic
      intelligent variable speed control.
      Product Application:

      Solar Domestic Water Heating Systems - Closed or Open Loop
      Direct or Indirect Systems - Floor Heating Systems - Liquid Transfer
      General Pumping.

      Product Functions:
      These pumps are used to circulate the water  throughout the radiant
      Panel or other  hot water heat emitting systems.

      Product Features:

      Hi Temp Ryton PPS and Ceramic construction
      Power source PV Panel Direct 3-17 volts (Max 24 Volts)
      High efficiency soft start typical 1 watt
      Advanced Magnetic coupled drive
      Locked impeller protected   
      No bearings, drive shafts and seals or cooling fan
      Brushless drive motor

      No maintenance required
      Quiet in operation
      Compact size 107mm x86mm
      ACS-TS5 Solar Pumps are Manufactured to ISO 9001 Standards

      Product Specifications:

      Light weight - 0.45 kg
      size 107mm x 85mm
      Fluid media hot water/glycol mixtures (Antifreeze)
      Voltage PV Panel Direct  6-24 volt DC (Max 24 Volts DC)
      Micro Processor Control
      High Working temperature  -10 to 110 deg .C  fluid max
      High working pressure - 10 (Bar) Max
      Vertical or horizontal piping Installation


      Fluid contact materials are:
      Hi Temp Ryton PPS  (Food Grade)                       
      Brass Inlet/Outlet
      Viton "O" Ring
      Hi-Temp RYTON  (PPS) Impeller & Ceramic Shaft
      Ceramic Ferrite Magnet

       Pump Data & Prices           International Shipping   
Charge 25US$


ACS-TS5 PV (Photovoltaic ) Version For direct connection to PV Panel

       TS5  5PV:   Max Flow 8.5 LPM  -  Max: Head:  1.4 Mts  
                           Power Consumption Max: 4.7 Watts 
                           For Small Size Direct or Indirect Systems
                           Requires 5 Watt PV  Panel circulating water
                           Voltage: PV Panel Direct 6-24 Volts (Rated 12 Volts DC)

       TS5-5PV        Price 105 US$                   


       TS5  10PV: Max Flow 10 LPM - Head:  2.3 Mts
                      Power Consumption Max: 9.5 Watts 
                           For Small/Medium Size Direct or Indirect Systems
                           Requires 10 Watt PV Panel circulating water

                           Voltage: PV Panel Direct 6-24 Volts (Rated 12 Volts DC)


      TS5-10PV     Price 110 US$                            

       TS5  15PV:
Max Flow 11.5  LPM - Head: 3.0 Mts 
                           Power Consumption Max: 14.5 Watts
                           For Medium Size Direct or Indirect Systems
                           Requires 15 Watt PV Panel or 20 Watt with glycol/mix

Voltage: PV Panel Direct 6-24 Volts (Rated 12 Volts DC)


  TS5-15PV    Price 115 US$                    


                   Note: ACS Solarsystems only recommend using Good
                   Quality Crystalline PV (Photovoltaic) Panels for direct
                   connection to ACS-TS5 PV Pumps.





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